Shocking side effects of eating too much salt

Shocking side effects of eating too much salt

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Salt is a substance which we use daily in food to make it tasty and edible and is also considered as one of the oldest food seasonings as the earliest salt processing goes way back to 6,000BC.

There exist about 12 different types of salt which have different levels of salinity and unlike we may think salt exists in so many different colors other than white and are in different shapes and sizes too, for example, we have types of salt like the Himalayan pink salt, kosher salt, sea salt, red and black Hawaiian salt, flake salt, smoked salt, pickling salt, and the most common one we know which is the Table salt.

Salt also plays a very important role when it comes to food preservation. It is composed of about 40% of sodium and 60% of chloride and is gotten mainly from the evaporation of seawater and the processing of salt mines.


In as much as salt makes food tastes great, it should also be noted that too much ingestion of it could be very harmful thereby causing the following side effects;

10.   Puffiness

Have you ever noticed that after sitting on one spot for some time your feet begin to swell, or you may have noticed your hand and fingers swell? That was my story until I noticed that this was as a result of consuming more salt than my body required.

The body likes having a balance between sodium and water so as a result of eating excess sodium-rich foods, the balance is one-sided and so there is a need for a balance. The body extracts water from the cells to balance up the sodium which is then stored in the extremes and that is why this puffiness affects either the legs or the hands.


9.   Excessive thirst.

Ingestion of extra sodium causes an imbalance with the fluid in the body and so water is extracted from the cells to balance up. This water extraction from the cells causes you to feel thirsty and this is the body’s way of communicating the fact that it needs more water. You will probably notice this after consuming some salty fried or even salty popcorn.

8.   Bloating

Consuming sodium high food also leads to bloating in addition to excessive thirst and puffiest as we say above. This condition called gastroenterology produces an excess gas buildup in the stomach which causes discomfort. If you find yourself in such a situation, drinking water could be of great help and even greater is if you add a tiny quantity of bicarbonate soda to the water.

7.   Acne breakout

According to research studies, consuming sodium high foods causes inflammation and so people with lower-sodium diets have a lesser chance of suffering from acne. It is true acne cannot be completely avoided as its breakout is unpredictable but ingesting less sodium could help a lot with that.

6.   Chapped lips

Excess salt in the body system causes dehydration and this affects the cells reasons why you may sometimes get a cracked dry feeling on your lips. That is a sign that the body needs water so drink lots of it.

5.   Trouble Sleeping

Too much salt can affect the quality of your sleep negatively. Research shows that it may cause more frequent nightmares and also leaves you feeling less rested after a long sleeping period.

Lying down with a bloated stomach due to excess salt can be very uncomfortable and also frequent urination because of the excess water consumption due to dehydration is another plus. You can kiss quality sleep goodbye.

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4.   Heartburn

I can tell you from experience that this is a very discomforting condition that could go on for hours and it happens when the acids In the stomach bubbles up the esophagus.                                         Some particular foods are known for causing heartburn and most often it is food that contains very little or no moisture.

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Ingesting high salted food can provoke heartburn to occur more frequently and also last for longer periods.

3.   Frequent urination.

As mentioned earlier, too much salt causes dehydration and consequently excess water consumption and this leads to frequent urination but how does that happen?

Urine is produced when blood is filtered by the kidney to remove waste and excess water which helps maintain a healthy balance between the salt, the minerals, and the water in the bloodstream. When you drink too much water, the system is also left will more water to extract from the bloodstream which causes frequent urination.

2.   High Blood pressure

Eating too much salt is bad for your heart and this could lead to high blood pressure which in time could get worse and develop into a stroke, coronary heart disease, or heart failure. You may want to watch what you eat.

1.    Stomach cancer.

Consuming up to 3grams of salt daily may raise your risk of stomach cancer to up to 68% .too salt causes inflammation on the stomach lining and also leads to ulcers which may further cause stomach cancer.

Too much of anything is a disease and so you must watch whatever you ingest to make sure you’re not consuming an excess of it.

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