How to live longer.

How to live longer.

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How to live longer.

Enjoying a long life is one of the greatest wishes anyone will make, and one of the greatest gifts anyone will desire to have. However, it is not enough to just make the wish or have the desire for a long life! It goes beyond these, to the things we are ready to do, and or abstain from in order to live longer.

As the world evolves and more modern machinery, artificial items from food to cosmetics to households, etc are invented, the echo system and mother earth are changing and are responding differently to humans. This response can be seen in the drop in average life expectancy rate as years go by.

Humans have become more busy, industrious, yet more viable to sicknesses and diseases, and other ills that shorten their lives in one way or the other.

In this article, we will be looking at some practical daily habits that can enable us to enjoy a long life span amidst all the changes around us.


1. Practice eating healthy:

whatever we eat is a primary factor that will determine how healthy we are and eventually how long we can live; it is a good practice for your overall health. To eat healthy food, we just need to make smart choices and use a diet plan which can be a great way of managing problems like weight gain or weight loss.

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2. Be physically active:

this is an important aspect if you must enjoy a long and healthy life! 15 minutes of exercise each day can reduce up to about 4% of premature death and add benefits of about 3 years of life.



3. Quit smoking:

studies have proven that smoking is strongly related to disease and early death. A person who smokes is 3 times more exposed to premature death and may shorten his life span by about 10 years. However, it’s never too late to give up an unhealthy habit! You can stop smoking today!

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4. How much Alcohol do you take?

Just like smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol is a habit to quit because it is linked to health problems related to the liver, heart, and pancreas and it’s noted for an overall increased risk of early death. However, a moderated consumption of alcohol and a good choice of the brand can reduce the likelihood of several diseases and premature death from about 17-18%.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that total abstinence from alcohol will always be the better option for a person who aims at living longer. There is no research work so far that is able to prove that moderate alcohol consumption has any higher benefits than total abstinence.



5. Avoid stress and anxiety:

in all our daily dealings, there are definitely situations that can cause us some stress and possibly some anxiety. Whatever be the case, we must always try to relax and maintain some peace of mind and inner tranquility because stress and anxiety can significantly cut down the life span. It is recorded that, women who suffer from heart disease, stroke, or lung cancer have been victims of stress and anxiety.

Whenever you find yourself in anxiety and stress, the solution will be laughter and optimism! Studies show that people who are pessimistic run a 42% higher risk of early death, contrary to people who are optimistic. So, pairing laughter with a positive approach to life can reduce stress and anxiety, and potentially extend your life span.


6. Develop a good sleeping routine:

After a long and busy day, sleep is important for regulating the functioning of tired cells and for helping your body heal from tiredness. A recent study states that the longevity of a person’s life span is closely related to regular sleeping patterns like maintaining a fixed time for getting in and out of bed each day.

For instance, sleeping less than 5-7 hours per night can possibly increase the risks of premature death by about 12%, and sleeping longer than 8-9 hours per night can also decrease your life span to about 38%. This simply means that the appropriate number of hours for sleep should be no less than 5 hours and no more than 9 hours per night.

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It is important to note that a person who sleeps too lithe runs higher risks of suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and inflammation while a person who sleeps too much can suffer from low physical activity, depression migraines, etc which are all life-shortening factors.


7. Practice self-discipline:

self-discipline is a person’s ability to be organized, goal-oriented and efficient. It is very likely that the chances of longevity for a self-disciplined individual go up to about 11% higher than those of a person who lacks self-disciple, organization, and focus. People who are self-disciplined run a lower risk of suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and joint problems, psychiatric disorders, unlike their counterparts. This is because people who are self-disciplined make better choices when it comes to health care routines, dieting, physical activity, reaction to stress, and perspective of life.


Though it may seem like living longer is beyond human control and determination, but there are many practices like the ones elaborated above, which can actually help you live a long and healthy life right up to a ripe old age.




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