12 Natural Ways To Cure Sore Throat

12 Natural Ways To Cure Sore Throat

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There is nothing as uncomfortable as having a sore throat. We are all familiar with that unease feeling of irritation and pain in the throat, making swallowing anything a tussle. In simple words, sore throat can be defined as itchiness or pain in the throat, which leads to difficulties in swallowing.

Although it’s not a severe condition that might need a visit to the doctor, it’s still a nightmare one should stay away from. Luckily, several do-it-yourself hacks can help alleviate the irritation. Here are 12 natural ways to cure a sore throat.


  1. Take some honey:

Pure natural honey is a perfect remedy for sore throat. Some studies and research suggest that it even works better than some common over-the-counter drugs in treating colds. It gives the throat a protective coating, and also, it is a perfect wound healer, which means it can be very helpful in treating a sore throat. It works best when taken on its own and even better when mixed with tea.


  1. Salty water:

Salt is a must-have item in every household. Add about a half teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and mix thoroughly to obtain a warm salt solution. Gargle it every three hours throughout the day. It helps break down secretions and reduce swelling, which soothes a sore throat. Besides all that, salt water is known to kill some bacteria in the throat.


  1. Peppermint:

Although it’s known for its breath freshening properties, it also relieves sore throats. It contains menthol, which thins mucus as well as alleviating coughs and throats. Besides, it has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which are sentimental for a hurting throat. Oils sprays of the diluted peppermint are recommended.


  1. Baking soda:

Just like saltwater, a gargle of baking soda can help heal a sore throat. A solution of saltwater and baking soda can also kill bacteria and prevent the growth of some fungi and yeast on the ailing throat. For the best results, take a combination of a glass of warm water, an eighth of a teaspoon of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. Gargle the warm solution every 3 hours or so.


  1. Fenugreek:

This natural product has unmatched health benefits, more of which are beneficial to an itching throat. It can be taken in many forms, such as fenugreek oil, fenugreek seeds, or fenugreek tea. Any can work the magic on a sore throat, but nutritionists and health experts recommend taking fenugreek tea. Besides that, it is a perfect pain reliever and, in addition, kills bacteria that might be causing inflammation or irritation.

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  1. Apple cider vinegar:

This natural product has, for a long time, been used as a health tonic for 12 Natural Ways To Cure Sore Throat. A spoon of apple cider vinegar, mixed with a spoon of natural honey in a cup of warm water, has healing powers on a sore throat. Apple cider vinegar is readily available in stores and supermarkets.


  1. Licorice root:

Although its best known for its flavor, licorice is widely recognized as traditional and natural medicine, more to a sore throat. It has healing properties similar to that of aspirin. For the best results, make some licorice tea by combining a cup of hot water and a well ground licorice root. You will love the wonders the tea will do on the ailing throat.


  1. Lemon water:

Lemon is a natural cure for so many conditions, especially flu and colds. It is very rich in vitamin C and other crucial antioxidants which help fight inflammations. The best combination is some lemon, hot water, and a pinch of salt or else some spoons of pure natural honey to help with a sore throat. You will love this beverage!


  1. Ginger root tea:

In most cases, ginger is known as a spice. Most people don’t realize the medicinal value it possesses. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which come in handy in soothing a sore throat. Also, some studies have shown that ginger kills some viruses and bacteria. Ginger tea is available in most restaurants, or else you can make your own at home using a pinch of well-ground ginger and a cup of hot water. Add some sugar for some flavor.


  1. Cinnamon:

It is a spice as well as a traditional remedy for sore throats, colds, and flu. It has high amounts of antioxidants, which can help fight inflammations on the throat. Put some pinches in herbal or black tea, and you will love the results. Another alternative is making cinnamon almond milk.


  1. Chicken soup:

Many people use chicken soup as a remedy for colds and sore throats. Besides, it’s a soup that adds fluids to the body that are crucial when sick. It works well for a sore throat and even better when some garlic is added. You can buy chicken soup from a local store, although the best is homemade.


  1. Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea has numerous medicinal purposes. It helps fight infections and promotes calm sleep, which is very important for recovery. Taking a cup or so of chamomile tea can help soothe your itching throat.


The bottom line:

You might be very healthy, but an occasional sore throat is inevitable. Luckily, the few natural remedies we’ve highlighted above will help you a great deal. However, if the sore throat persists, be sure to see a doctor.


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