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A lot of activities are required for ANTI–AGING Food You Didn’t Know such as exercises, good sleep, with healthy feeding habits being the most pronounced. Here is a detailed insight into Anti-aging food you didn’t know. Food is responsible for growth in children and also a component for anti-aging it can help rebuild cells, tissues, organs that wear out due to aging. Thereby making them regenerate as such keeping a great number of cells, tissues, organs alive permitting us to stay younger much longer. As tissues, cells, organs wear out at old age foods rich in omega 3, 6, flavonoids, carotenoids, antioxidants, and stress able to boost collagen production are encouraged for consumption reasons being to slow down the aging process leading to what is known as anti-aging foods, as food serves as an accelerator to growth and decelerator to aging. Note that it occurs at deferred levels that are environmental, genetic, and hormonal levels. See below.


Cellular aging is a progressive decline in cell production. This results in death cells, reasons for this is associated with shortening of telomere, genotoxic stress response system, ultraviolent rays, poor diet, and stress causing a gradual loss of cellular functions. Again
Hormonal aging is the fall in production of the hormone or the wearing out of these hormones which help slow down aging and thus encourage active functioning of organs which control metabolism, use of nutrients, excretion, and reproduction, they are: –
• Melatonin
• Progesterone
• DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone )
• Testosterone
• Oestrogen
Still yet.
Metabolic aging is the process whereby the body eliminates by-products at rest. This results in the body cells which turn food into energy wears out, metabolism slows with age as the body muscle loses, and the body becomes less active. Further
Accumulated damage comes as a result of exposure to the sun, eating junk food, pollution, smoke, and toxins they lead to maintain and repair cells tissues, and organs.

However, Being that the above leads to aging or fastens aging. If the cells, hormones are boosted after their wear out they will reduce wear out, address the issue of aging as this can be done naturally with the consumption of foods that contain nutrients responsible for the built-up the damaged cells, tissues, organs. Never the less.


Telomere: which protects the vital information of our DNA increased after wear out fighting aging with foods such as:
• Carrots ( water, fiber, sugar, fat )
• Algae fish ( protein, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, B )
• Beans ( calcium, iron, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin C )
• Tomatoes ( vitamin C, choline, potassium, fiber)
• Plums ( vitamin C, K, potassium, copper, manganese )
Genotoxic stress response fights ultra-violet rays, oxidative stress. Helps in the cell cycle, cellular senescence, and pathway aging:-
• Blueberries ( vitamin A, C, anthocyanin, potassium, fiber)
• Watermelon ( lycopene, vitamin A, C,)
• Green tea ( caffeine )
• Cauliflower ( histidine, vitamin C, B6, fiber, carbohydrates )
• Leafy Green ( vitamin A, C, B6, magnesium, fiber, calcium )
Testosterone builds energy, memory, moods, muscle, mass strength, sexual stamina, and performance.
• Beef ( cholesterol, sodium, iron, cobalamin, vitamin B6)
• Shellfish ( protein, omega 3, vitamin B, 12, zinc, magnesium )
• Egg yolks ( cobalamin, calcium, vitamin D, B6, A, cholesterol, protein )
• Low-fat milk ( carbohydrates, fat, protein )
• Tuna ( omega 3, selenium, sodium, cholesterol, protein )
Oestrogen prevents heart diseases, sustain lean body mass, weight sex drive, energy:
• Soybeans ( magnesium, fiber, calcium, iron carbohydrates )
• Garlic ( iron, carbohydrates, potassium, fiber, protein )
• Flax seeds ( vitamin B6, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, magnesium)
• Sesame seeds ( iron, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates )
• Dried fruits ( sodium, vitamin C, B6, iron, carbohydrates, magnesium )
Progesterone use to relieve symptoms of menopause in women, sleep, mood swings, and foggy thinking:
• Cabbage ( vitamin C, A, B6, magnesium, fiber)
• Broccoli ( lutein, folate, variety of antioxidants, vitamin C, K )
• Pumpkin ( vitamin E, C, B, calcium, beta carotene, magnesium )
• Brussels sprouts (fiber, vitamin k, C thiamine, phosphorus )
• Kale ( vitamin A, K, B, C, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese )
DHEA autoimmune disorder, fight obesity, chronic fatigue, and bone loss:
• Coconut milk ( selenium, manganese, vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrates )
• Organic butter ( fat )
• Flax ( sodium, calcium, vitamin B6,magnesium ,omega 3 )
• Seaweeds ( iodine, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, magnesium )
• Sunflower ( phosphorus, selenium, copper, manganese )
Metabolism builds up the body tissues and energy, breaking down body tissue and energy stores to get more fuel for function and breathing.
• Chilli pepper ( vitamin A, C, B6, magnesium, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates )
• Legumes (fiber, vitamin A, C, calcium iron, carbohydrates )
• Cacao ( protein, iron, vitamin B6, calcium, manganese )
• Coffee ( sodium, potassium )
• Tea ( caffeine )
Mayhap growing older brings about changes in the hormones production, immunity, the skin, sleep, bones, muscles, joints, breast, face, female reproductive system, nervous system, blood vessels, kidneys, lungs, male reproductive system. Foods will be essential to rebuild tissues, organs, and cells, responsible for the aforementioned changes that occur with age as such these types of proteins include fibrous, globular, and membrane proteins that should be included in diets that help anti-aging. We hope this detailed insight into Anti-aging food you didn’t know was useful to you. Come back for more compelling articles.

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