18 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

18 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

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Watermelon is a sweet, tasty, low-calorie summer snack. It includes hydration and vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We can’t talk about 18 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon without talking about the five different varieties of watermelon: seeded, seedless, mini, yellow, and orange.

Watermelon is almost 90% water, which makes it useful for keeping the body hydrated in the summer. It can also gratify a sweet tooth with its natural sugars.

This fruit does not require any introduction, does it? It’s been on our favorite list since we were teenagers, and it’s going to stick …

Health Benefits of Watermelon:

Research has shown that eating a slice of watermelon every day will reduce the production of bad cholesterol, thus avoiding heart disease. Regular watermelon intake has also been related to less fatty deposits within the blood vessels.

1. Helps Treat Inflammation:

Another key compound present in watermelon is lycopene, which has tremendous benefits. In one American study, lycopene was shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Lycopene is considered the strongest of the various carotenoids. In fact, the protective effects of lycopene on inflammation are considered much stronger than beta-carotene, an essential carotenoid.

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2. Keeps You Hydrated:

Do you know what percentage of watermelon water is? As the name of the fruit suggests, the watermelon is 90 % water, making it one of the better sources of hydration. In spite of being a diuretic, it is much better than alcohol or caffeine. Since it is a natural source, it improves urination without triggering the kidneys.

3. Helps Combat Cancer:

Lycopene is getting the glory, again. According to a report, lycopene in watermelons has been shown to minimize the occurrence of cancer insurgency.  Lycopene is a pigment that gives melons in water their distinctive red color and, since it is a strong antioxidant, inhibits the development of many cancers.

4. Might Help Relieve Muscle Soreness:

If you’re having problems with your muscles after a workout, watermelon could hold the key. The fruit is filled with electrolytes and amino acid citrulline, which help to soothe the sore muscles following vigorous exercise. And, according to an Iranian study, citrulline in melons can help reduce muscle fatigue.

5. Aids Digestion:

Watermelon, as we have seen, contains a large quantity of water and can therefore support digestion. e It also contains fiber, which facilitates absorption and avoids constipation.

6. Is Good for Pregnant Women:

Watermelon relieves heartburn, a common condition during pregnancy. It also tends to ease morning sickness. Minerals in the fruit can help reduce muscle cramps in the third section.

7. Might Prevent Macular Degeneration:

As we have shown, watermelons are an excellent source of lycopene, which has been shown to reduce the risk of macular degenerative disease. According to Mayo Clinic, lycopene has been suggested as a possible therapy for eye disorders such as macular degeneration (though further studies are needed in this respect)

8. Prevents Asthma:

Hail lycopene, again! Being one of the main antioxidants, lycopene assists with the body’s response to cold and flu. What is more interesting is the antioxidant that has been shown to alleviate asthma flare-ups in infants.

Watermelon also helps people with asthma to breathe properly, without having to worry about any breath.

9. Controls Blood Pressure:

Watermelon is the largest known citrulline source in the world. And, according to a report published by Florida State University, citrulline is closely linked to arginine, an amino acid important for maintaining high blood pressure.

10. Improves Skin and Hair Health:

Watermelon is a strong source of vitamin C, a nutrient important to the production of collagen. Collagen keeps your skin moist and strengthens your hair.

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11. Improves Bone Health:

Vitamin C plays a vital role here, as the vitamin is healthy for bones and assists in wound healing. A Switzerland study indicates that lycopene supplementation can prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Vitamin A in watermelons has been related to bone growth.

12. Aids Weight Loss:

One of the greatest health effects of watermelon is that it also assists with safe weight loss. Yeah, because of its high-water quantity, watermelon can fill you with fewer calories. Water has also been shown to promote metabolism and release toxins and fats, which can potentially lead to weight loss.

13. Offers Kidney Support:

While watermelons may be a good source of potassium, the percentage is smaller than most other foods. That’s why it can be beneficial for people with chronic kidney disease who prefer to adhere to lower-potassium fruit choices.

14. Strengthens Immunity:

Watermelon, rich in vitamin C, improves the body’s immune system. The fruit also contains vitamin B6, which allows the immune system to produce antibodies. Vitamin also assists in the production of red blood cells. The fruit has vitamin A that controls and protects the immune system from infections.

15. Helps Treat Diabetes:

What is the relation between watermelon and diabetes? While watermelon has a high glycemic index, it has a lower glycemic load (the amount with which a specific food raises an individual’s blood glucose level) and is therefore ideal for diabetics.

16. Can Promote Sexual Health:

Citrulline amino acid in watermelon relaxes and dilates the blood vessels and can assist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Citrulline is converted to arginine, a precursor of nitric oxide that serves to dilate the blood vessels. According to an Italian study, oral citrulline supplementation has been shown to improve erectile strength in men suffering from moderate erectile dysfunction.

17. Can Prevent Cell Damage:

Watermelon, high in lycopene, protects the cells from damage caused by heart disease. Lycopene fights against free radicals and prevents cell damage.

18. Promotes Healthy Gums:

Vitamin C in watermelon keeps capillaries and gums safe. Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding gums and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and watermelon can prevent these conditions from occurring. We hope you like this article on 18 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon.

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