13 Natural Heartburn Remedies where there is no Doctor

13 Natural Heartburn Remedies where there is no Doctor

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Heartburn is a condition caused by acid reflux, where the acidic stomach contents come into contact with your esophagus lining. The stomach walls have a special lining that adapts it to the digestive enzymes, but that is not the case with the esophagus. When these acids travel backward to the food pipe, the contact leaves you with uncomfortable burning sensations, called heartburn. There are many tricks of alleviating this feeling, most of which are simple, and you can do using readily available resources at home. Here are 13 Natural heartburn remedies where there is no doctor, without turning to over-the-counter medication.

13 Natural Heartburn Remedies:

  1. Chew some gum:

This is a smart way of fighting heartburn. Chewing triggers more saliva production, which can help tone down the acid levels in the digestive tract. However, don’t just take any gum. Love your body since many gums we have around are full of sugar and thus are unhealthy. Doctors recommend sugar-free gum.


  1. Drink lots of water:

The best and simplest way of fixing a burning throat is by drinking a glass of water. A glass of clean, cold water helps to dilute the acidity in the esophagus and keeps food moving down the digestive tract. Always remember to hydrate for a healthy digestive system.

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  1. Change your sleeping position:

Doctors and health specialists recommend sleeping on an incline. When you lay in bed, make sure your head is about 6 inches higher than your feet. The best way to achieve this is by supporting your upper body using foam wedge backing. Most people think sleeping on a stack of pillows or cushions will solve this, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. The support needs to be uniform, and a few pillows won’t provide exactly that.


  1. Stay up for some time after meals:

Gravity works perfectly in keeping digestive acids in the stomach. If it’s possible, finish your meals three or four hours before you get into bed. Move your meals to earlier hours of the night if you need to get into bed early. Also, avoid taking naps after lunch.


  1. Practice Taking deep breaths:

This is an easy do it yourself remedy to stubborn heartburn. Deep breaths help strengthen the esophageal sphincter’s muscles, which helps keep the acids in the stomach. If you’ve been experiencing a chain of heartburns, this is the best remedy for that.


  1. If you have been smoking, quite immediately:

Smokers tend to experience chains of serious heartburns. This is because tobacco weakens the muscles of the esophageal sphincter, the “gate” that keeps the acids in the stomach, which leads to regular acid refluxes.

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  1. Take some tea:

If it’s available, take some warm tea if you’re experiencing the burns. Health specialists recommend marshmallow tea, as well as slippery elm. These two contain gentle properties that coat the esophagus to reduce irritation by the digestive acids.


  1. Change to loose clothing:

If you’re experiencing heartburn, switching to loose clothing eases any pressure on your belly, which could otherwise trigger the acids to travel backward to the esophagus.


  1. Relax:

Science has proved that tension, stress, and depression cause many side effects, such as heartburn. Practice muscle relaxation, yoga, meditation, or light exercise.


  1. Eat a ripe banana:

A banana a day keeps heartburn away. Bananas contain large amounts of natural antacids that help counter acid refluxes. If a banana isn’t available, an apple will work the magic.


  1. Take a baking soda solution:

Baking soda is cheap and readily available in most kitchens. More so, it’s very natural. However, be careful not to confuse this with baking powder. Dissolve a spoon or two of baking soda into a glass of clean water. Baking soda is an excellent acid neutralizer, and by drinking a solution of some, you’ll love how it beats the acids.


  1. Positive lifestyle changes:

Heartburns are familiar to overweight people since obesity causes immense pressure on the lower torso, leading to stomach contents being forced up the esophagus. If you fall into that class, make some changes to your diet, and make losing weight your goal. Also, avoid foods that will lead to heartburns. Examples of such foods are chocolate, caffeine, and carbonated beverages.


  1. Eat slowly and sparingly:

One of the most causes of reflux is a full stomach. Of you keep adding more into your full stomach, the acids are likely to rise up the esophagus. Rather than having three huge meals in a day, eat smaller meals more frequently.


The bottom line:

Without a doubt, heartburn is common. On the same note, it’s one of the easiest conditions to treat. It would be best if you found out what works for your body and what doesn’t. That way, it will be easier to avoid the foods that trigger this uncomfortable feeling. Combat heartburn with any of the above-recommended remedies, and you’ll love the results. Happy living from us!

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